Drone show
design and animation studio
Visually stunning, bespoke aerial drone light shows created using the combination of drone technology and artistry
Our story
The BaseMotion mindset is made up of several unalienable values that are baked into our work ethic. These permeate everything we do and drive our work forward.
Founder Armands Blumbergs started out as a film director, and intrigued by the opportunities presented by 3D and virtual reality, began integrating these technologies into visual arts projects. His passion for exploring the latest tech led him to the drone industry, so he dove into exploring the artistry that can be applied to drones as a medium for creative and artistic expression. This led to the establishment of BaseMotion. The studio is constantly on the lookout for the next innovative possibility that drone technology can deliver.
We are an international team of creatives, 3D animators, and programmers. We're passionate about the intersection of visual art and tech and delivering solutions using the latest technologies to offer new formats of expression at a global scale.
A foundation to the team's DNA, BaseMotion is hungry for the new, constantly searching for new combinations of ideas and technologies for unprecedented creativity.
In product and in service, BaseMotion works on a case-by-case basis, giving each project their unique and undivided attention for a fully unique and bespoke solution.
Environmental impact
driven by the conviction that mass outdoor entertainment can be made environmentally friendlier, BaseMotion looks to replace disruptive fireworks shows with more environmentally friendly drone shows.
Our sevices
Custom choreography and animation for drone shows
We deliver full-service drone shows:
Delivery of finalised drone show data
Drone choreography programming
Full show visualisation
3D visualisations of key show elements
Show storyboard and animatics development
Creative concept to best convey your idea
You come with the idea, we do the rest. We'll help you develop an impactful drone show for your event, with a focus on storytelling, brand communication, and entertainment.
Our work
These are some of the companies and brands we've had the pleasure to work with:
Other clients:
Sock Out Cancer, Moombaki, Monaco, HARMONY STRAND art movement, Hines Architect, etc.
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